Community feast is a blend of feast and learning which is not only celebrated but also organised by the community members. Moreover, the community feast was a prelude to collective marriage.This year, Teras and MakarSankranti were observed on the same day; therefore community feast was organised in the form of TerasChaura at Antreji in which around 65 group members from 5 communities had participated. In addition, the target community members collectively organized community feast at 10 communities in which about 150 community members had participated. The community members contributed their harvested crop which included various rice varieties, urd, moong,til and others. Navaanna Puja, the new grain worship program was also conducted and celebrated by the community. The event was an opportunity to learn more about the functioning of ongoing Community Grain Banks program. It also incorporated feedback from the community members to improve its functioning. The community members documented the ideas emerging out of the deliberations of the community members during the entire event towards achieving the goal of sustainable freedom.