Mati Mahotsav, a blend of festival, learning and collective participation was celebrated at Ram Manohar Prajapati Inter College in Koraon on November 2, 2018. It was the third consecutive Mati Mahotsav organized by Pragati Vahini in the district of Allahabad. This festival marks the celebration from the backdrop of understanding the importance of soil, catering to the practice of organic farming and following innovatively improvised techniques to negate the usage of pesticides and chemicals that deteriorate the soil at a considerable level. In addition, the soil brought by community members will also be sent to IFFCO for soil testing. The community members worship the soil as a part of Mati Mahotsav. They not only bring soil from their villages but also make idols and various items from the soil.

Dr. Sunit Singh, Professor at GB Pant Social Science Allahabad, Dr. Ambak Rai and Dr. Geetika Goyal, Professors at MNNIT Allahabad, Col. Sanjeev, Smt. Jyoti Singh, management students of MNNIT Allahabad, Pragati Vahini and members of Pragati Gram Fresh Producer Company Ltd & Pragati Gramudyog Evam Samajh Kalyan Sansthan were present and particiapted in the Mahotsav. Farmers and laborers from Meja, Manda, Koraon, Jasra, Shankargarh , Mirzapur, Kaundhiyara showed their enthusiastic participation in Mati Mahotsav.

In the event, the farmers bring along other farmers who wish to practice organic farming. The articulations portray the advantages of organic farming and the toxic effects of pesticide and chemical usage on soil fertility. Moreover, it is a platform that registers people for various activities which will be oganised by PGS for the sustainable freedom of bonded laborers; for example, Kharif Harvest Registration, Collective marriage, Youth Clubs, Women Safety, Registration of new farmers for organic farming, Rabi Yojana. In addition, members of various villages received their Grain Banks as a part of the initiative Zero Hunger Allahabad. The fest also witnessed a Diwali Hunar Mela in which people from various villages showcased their handmade products.