More than 60 percent of families turn to unscrupulous moneylenders to borrow funds for wedding ceremonies. Loans to cover those costs come with impossibly high interest rates, causing many families to fall into bondage to “work-off” the debt. To save them from the shackles of debt and slavery, Pragati Gramodyog evam Samjah Kalyan Sansthan organizes collective marriage every year to save the communities from falling under debt due to inevitable and overburdening expenses of marriage.

2019 is the year of our 4th consecutive collective marriage where 12 couples from the blocks of Meja, Shankergarh, Koraon, Haliya, Mirzapur and Aurai are getting married. The wedding is organized and managed by Pragati Vahini, our federation of slavery survivors!

Your support can help these couples ensure a life of dignity which is free of debt and burden. Your donation will not only empower them but also contribute in the ceremonial accomplishments of the collective marriage. To donate, please contact us on or visit Donation

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