Pragati Gram Fresh, Farmer's Producer Organisation, with 536 shareholders are running their organisation with the support of PGS throughout Covid-19 pandemic.

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain, by managing the risks and disruptions through innovations in restoring the supply chain, Pragati Gram Fresh continues to sustain the freedom of modern day slavery survivors. Supply chain synchronization has been the key to achieving sustainable freedom for these survivors of bonded labour during Covid-19 pandemic. 

City-based consumers from different walks of life are supporting the endeavor by regularly purchasing the products produced by our shareholder farmers. We have been promoting producer-consumer convergence program through major social media platforms, website and mobile application which can be downloaded from Play Store. 

Pragati Gram Fresh, in support with PGS has been ensuring the safety of all shareholders and the team by following the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines by World Health Organisation.

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In the Photo - Media Article Published in National Wheels, Prayagraj Edition, 16 May, 2020.