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Zero Hunger Allahabad on September 22, 2018

We organized a Stakeholders Consultation on Zero Hunger Allahabad at Swaraj Vidyapeeth (Allahabad) on September 22, 2018. The participants included representatives from Government Organizations, Civil Society Organisation, Social Entrepreneurs, Technocrats, PDS contractors, School administration, and hunger victims themselves. The objective of the Conclave was to find out innovative solutions to move forward to achieve the goal of ‘zero hunger’ situations, the second Sustainable Development Goal 2030 declared by the UN, the highest body of the world. The meeting witnessed various suggestions and innovative ideas with respect to sustainability of the banks not only in terms of its purpose but also in relation to its infrastructure. 

A number of people donated in support of grain banks, to view the list, please follow the link: Donations. These banks, whose infrastructural requirement includes two drums, one large for two quintal rice and one small for 20kg pulse(Dal), 1 metal box for keeping the documents, registers, ink pad and a stamp amounts to a total of Rs. 8000 for its infrastructural setup. A goal of establishing 100 banks at various locations across the district of Allahabad was made. The meeting on September 17, which mentioned about nutrition as an essential component of a diet which could be incorporated in the Community Grain Banks in the form of an additional drum for Pulses (Dal), was added with the already existing structure of grain banks. Therefore, the current grain bank not only caters to the problem of hunger but also adds to it a nutritional component in the form of pulses.

For more details, please follow the link: Community Grain Banks