We firmly believes that the local communities have the ability to manage their own affairs provided they are allowed to function freely. The iniquitous institutional environment historically nurtured by the groups in power has put these communities in disadvantageous situations. The continuously growing triple divide on knowledge, skills and technology basis is strengthening the hegemonic structures pushing the marginalized communities further to situations of un-freedom. The PGS commits itself for transforming the unjust systems into just ones.

PGS’ strategy since the beginning has been underlined by its idea of freedom and development that it has learned from its past experiences and this idea holds that developing people is a difficult or even impossible task until and unless they themselves collectively seek change in their lives and for that, form closed association with other community members to give collective strength to their just and rightful demands and create a platform to discuss and decide upon the matters affecting their lives. To materialize this idea of sustainable development it primarily works for enhancing capacities and competencies of communities under bondage or at risk of being bonded. PGS forms different village level and community based institutions that initially involved in saving and credit activities and later on in income generation activities and continuously put efforts for strengthening these institutions through trainings, exposures, monitoring and follow ups and linking them with service support institutions like banks, health and education systems and then mainstreaming and indulging them in the process of micro and macro development.

Besides, PGS also works for strengthening the democratic processes and institutions, supports initiatives for developing healthy civil society, conducts awareness and training programmes, helps in enhancing livelihoods opportunities through micro-enterprise and employable skills development, educates and provides support to communities for claiming legal entitlements and benefits under govt. sponsored welfare schemes, undertakes participatory research and prepare plans for sustainable freedom.

Thus approach of the PGS to development is based on developing and promoting effective and accountable village level institutions that could carry the responsibility of community development through the promotion of volunteerism, participatory planning and public-private partnerships.

PGS follow following approach of development as: Entitlements through Volunteerism, Downward Accountability, Participatory Planning, Democratic Decision making, Process Oriented Interventions, Public-Private Partnership