Major Component of Centre for Promoting Livelihoods and Micro-enterprises- Improved Income and Developing Financial Independence

5000 bonded labourers and ex-bonded labourers from 410 SHGs will have increased knowledge of their entitlements under recently announced policies and welfare schemes and how to access them. We use Self-Help groups(SHGs) as a platform for teaching members how to save and manage their finances. These groups save together, depositing savings in the bank to be accessed for loans. We also provide skill development and micro-enterprise trainings to the members of Self-help groups to improve the economic opportunities available to bonded labourers. The Organization will provide training and enable individuals to secure their claims and entitlements according to the plans outlined in the Community Freedom Plans. These include: Residential Leases, Housing Scheme Benefits, Pensions, Health Services, Subsidized Food Grains, MNEGRA, Education, and Subsidized Bank Loans.

- How - 

  • Annual Freedom Plans
  • Claims Making Trainings
  • MNREGA training camps:
  • Financial inclusion Training
  • Training on Right to Safe Housing
  • Training on Skill Development and Non-Farm Micro-enterprise Development 

Annual Freedom Plans: We organize Block Level trainings for 410 SHGs office bearers for preparation of their Freedom Plans. The members of Self Help Groups are trained on participatory baseline data collection methods at village level for preparing group level freedom plans. These trainings incorporate separate sessions on Tracking Tools in order to tracking the progress towards freedom plans and also for assessing the group maturity level towards the goal of sustainable freedom. During 2018-19, we aim at organizing trainings at 10 locations with the participation of 50-60 members in each training. The Annual Freedom Plans are based on baseline survey of SHGs to identify the current needs of the community.  

Claims Making Trainings: We organise trainings on procedures to access entitlements under various government schemes at different locations which involves office bearers of 20-22 SHGs. In these trainings the community leaders will be trained to collectively make claims for entitlements and complaints against harassments. The schemes are:  1.National Rural Livelihood Mission, 2.National Rural Health Mission, 3.National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 4.National Social Security Programme, 5.National Skill Development Mission, 6.National Food Security Mission, 7.National Agriculture Development Scheme, 8.National Housing Scheme, 9.Integrated Child Development Services, 10.Financial Inclusion Schemes, 11.Sabla Scheme, 12.Naya Savera Schemes, 13.Maternity Benefit Scheme, 14.Girl 15.Child Prosperity Scheme, 16.National Child Labour Projects, 17.Labour Welfare Schems, 18.Ujjawala Scheme, 19.Start-Up India, 20.Digital India Programme will be covered under such trainings. During 2018-19, we aim at organising 20 Cluster-level SHG monthly trainings.  

MNREGA Training Camps: We organize MNREGA training camps to educate the SHG members to secure employment under MNREGA and collectively demand for statutory minimum wages. SHG members are mobilized to submit proposals under MNREGA for development of their recently acquired land in order to increase the agricultural production. This year, we aim at organizing camps on quarterly basis at Block Level with the participation of 50-60 SHG leaders.  

Financial Inclusion Trainings: We organize bi-monthly trainings on Financial Inclusion Schemes and mobilize SHG members to open bank accounts and keep them operational, take easy loans, honor repayment schedules so that their dependency on moneylenders  can be reduced and thereby freeing them from illegal debts. These trainings are organized in collaboration with NABARD. We aim at conducting these trainings at 10 locations with the participation from 40-50 SHGs.  

Training on Right to Safe Housing: Homelessness has been one of the major causes of debt-bondage. Many invisible communities are suffering from the conditions of homelessness. We mobilize SHG members to participate in training on procedures for making claims for residential sites and benefits under Rural Housing Schemes and claiming for residential leases and benefits under Rural Housing Schemes. These trainings also include the procedures to access safe drinking water, electricity and clean environment. During 2018-19, we aim at organizing such trainings at four locations on quarterly basis with the participation of 100-110 SHG members.  

Training on Skill Development and Non-Farm Micro-enterprise Development: We mobilize SHG members to participate in Skill Development and Micro-enterprise trainings. We also mobilize SHG members to start participating in Non-farm micro enterprise and small businesses for income generation. We aim at organizing these trainings on monthly basis at block level at 10 locations. In each training 10 young boys and girls from SHG member families will participate. By the end of 2019, all 100 participants will either be placed as skilled labor in any enterprise or start their own enterprise as self-employment.  

Considering Three Office bearers in each SHG – President, Secretary and Treasurer of 410 SHGs, a total of 1230 community leaders and about 5000 SHG members, community members, journalists will benefit from these plans.

- Impact -

SHG members will get empowered and start collectively asserting their claims for entitlements which will help them to move out of bonded situations and make them capable to sustain their hard earned freedom. 

- Other Works -

    • MNREGA
    • SGSY
    • SHPI
    • Goat Bank
    • Backyard Poultry
    • Tendu Leaf Collection rights
    • Village shops
    • Vegetable vending
    • Sewai (Noodles) Making Units
    • Music Band
    • Lac Production
    • Lok Kala Manch
TEAM LEADER Vishnu Kant Pandey
RESOURCE CENTER Self Employment Training and resource Center