It is crucial to our work that the relationships and transactions of PGS’ staff and volunteers with other individuals, organizations, companies, etc. remain on a highly professional level and be carried out in an ethical manner at all times.


PGS expects all employees and volunteers to avoid any and all potential conflicts of interest. It is the responsibility of the employee or volunteer to alert their supervisor or the Executive Director to any issues that may result in such a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict of interest.  If that interest raises a conflict, the employee may be asked to resign from the other organization.  At the beginning of each calendar year, officers, directors, and key employees are required to submit a written disclosure, either to the Chair of the Board of Directors or the Executive Director, that identifies interests that could potentially give rise to conflicts. Such reportable interests may include:


•       Having a financial interest in a business, nonprofit organization or project that addresses issues related to PGS' mission;

•       Serving as a Board member of an organization working on issues related to modern day slavery;

•       Supervising a relative and/or determining his or her promotions or pay;

•       Engaging in a romantic relationship with another employee with whom he or she is in a supervisory or reporting relationship.


Other than issues related to personal safety, the best interests of PGS must be of the highest consideration over all other interests, including the personal interests of employees and volunteers. The interests of an employee or volunteer cannot play a part in any decision impacting the relationship between PGS and others with whom PGS may have a business relationship or the potential of such a relationship.


All offers of gifts or preferential interests, regardless of value, must be expressly approved by the Executive Director before they may be accepted from an individual or organization doing business with PGS. Gifts include any services, merchandise, discounts and transfers of cash or other items of value. Employment or consulting agreements with Board members or suppliers is prohibited while employed at PGS.